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The SuperTable Add-in for Microsoft Excel XP and Excel 2003

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Custom Programming and Software from AACode 

We offer programming and software services that include:

  • Integration of AACode SuperTable Add-in Functions and Macros with your software.

  • Writing Excel 2003 and Excel XP Spreadsheet Applications to your Specifications.

  • Creating custom SuperTable Functions and Macros to match your Application.

  • Integrating Excel 2003 or Excel XP with external data sources and processes through DLL's.

  • Main Frame to PC and PC to Mainframe data packet formatting.

  • Analysis of your data tables.

  • Programs written in Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) that improve productivity or accuracy.

  • Coupling database programs such as Microsoft Access to your Excel Spreadsheets.

  • Programmable logic control system (PLC) integration with your Excel Spreadsheets.

  • Custom programs for common Programmable Logic Controls such as Allen Bradley, Koyo, or Aromat.

  • Instrument and data acquisition system integration with your Excel Spreadsheets.

  • Data, conversion, formatting and storage using Microsoft Excel and Access.

  • Integration of Excel Spreadsheets with Human Machine Interfaces.

  • Excel spreadsheets to automate standard accounting procedures.

  • Excel spreadsheets to automate medical patient tracking systems and procedures.

TetraTek PLC Digital Ladder Logic CodeTetraTek writes custom Programmable Logic Control Code

        Download Instructions, PDF File  Download Custom Code Brochure.

If you have a Custom Programming application you would like us to look at, please contact us by e-mail.  We will be glad to help you.  In addition, we offer technology research, engineering, design, and product manufacturing services.

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