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The SuperTable® Add-in for Microsoft Excel XP and Excel 2003

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FAQ or Frequently Asked Questions

Can the AACode SuperTable® Add-in run on Excel 97?  No.  You need Excel 2003, Excel 2002, Excel 2000 or Excel XP.  Excel 97 is not formatted to work with this version of AACode SuperTable® Add-in.  Please contact us with your inquiries.

Can the AACode SuperTable® Add-in run on Windows 95?  Yes.  The only requirement is that you have Excel 2003, Excel 2002, Excel 2000, or Excel XP installed.  Any system that has an operational installation of Excel 2003, Excel 2002, Excel 2000, or Excel XP will run the  AACode SuperTable® Add-in.

Can the AACode SuperTable® Add-in be removed from my system?  Yes.  The first step in installation is performed by the Microsoft MSI Installer, the second step utilizes the AACode SuperTable Install Program and finally you can modify your Tools Menu in Excel 2003, Excel 2002, Excel 2000, or Excel XP using the included AACode Macro AddAACodeToToolsMenu.  To uninstall, you reverse the process.  First, you can remove the reference to AACode in your Tools Menu using the included macro DeleteAACodeFromToolsMenu.  Next, you can remove the AACode SuperTable files from your hard drive by running AACode SuperTable UnInstall.  Finally, you can reverse the modifications made by the Microsoft Installer using the Add/Remove Programs application in your Control Panel.

Can I send spreadsheets that use the AACode SuperTable® Add-in Functions to my associates?  Yes, if your associate also owns a copy of AACode SuperTable® Add-in, or has a running demo.  If not, you must convert all the cells containing SuperTable functions to values before you send the spreadsheet.  These cells will reflect their last state when you converted them, but will not respond to changes your associate makes to their input cells.  All SuperTable® functions will return the #NAME? error without the AACode SuperTable® Add-in.

Can I send spreadsheets that use equations produced by the AACode SuperTable® Add-in macros to my associates?  Yes.  All output from the macros, i.e., the equations, coefficient tables, and regression coefficients, work without the SuperTable® Add-in, because they are normal formulas, values, and text data.

If my demo of AACode® SuperTable® Add-in expires, and I decide I can't live without it, how soon can I get it running again?  If you place an order, we will E-mail an extension authorization to you, typically within 1 working day.  The extension allows you to use the software for 30 more days while we process your permanent license.  Typically, we process your Payment and License within five working days and then send the license to your specified mail or E-Mail address.

Can AACode customize AACode SuperTable® Add-in functions or macros for my application?  Yes.  AACode offers custom programming services.  Typical applications include incorporation of functions in customer control algorithms and custom functions to provide rapid analysis of routine analytical operations.  Please request a quotation on your needs.  You may also wish to review our Custom Code capabilities.

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