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The SuperTable® Add-in for Microsoft Excel XP and Excel 2003

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Supercharge your Microsoft Office Excel XP and Excel 2003 Spreadsheets with the
AACode SuperTable® Add-in.   

SuperTable adds the missing Microsoft Excel functions and macros you need to mathematically interpolate and project from your data.

Order the incredible AACode SuperTable® Add-in for only $19.88 by direct download from this web site using your PayPal Account, your check, or money order.  You can download a fully functional 15-Day demonstration package for free from this web site!

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This amazing and easy to install Add-in adds interpolation and numerical analysis to your Excel function set.  You can also replace tables of data with accurate and easy to use Algorithms.  Use it for engineering, science, accounting, programming, mathematics, process control, data analysis, and education.  If you lookup or store mathematical values in tables with Microsoft Excel, this is a MUST HAVE addition to your function arsenal. AACode® SuperTable® Plug-in works with Microsoft Excel 2000 and Excel XP

Add the AACode SuperTable® functions VInterp, HInterp, VSpline, HSpline, VLSpline,  HLSpline, VPolyFit and HPolyFit, to your spreadsheets.  Use them the same way you employ standard Excel Functions.  They can be nested with other standard Excel Functions to form powerful mathematical statements.  The AACode SuperTable® Add-in works with home or professional versions of Microsoft Office, Office 2003, Excel XP and Excel running on Microsoft Windows platforms such as Windows 98SE, Windows Me, Windows 2000, Windows NT, Windows XP, and Windows XP Pro.

VInterp and HInterp allow you to select accurate intermediate linear values from table data.  VSpline and HSpline smoothly fit adjacent cubic polynomial curves through your data.  VLSpline and HLSpline use pre-computed coefficients to work faster with large tables and on-line active data table sets.  VPolyfit and HPolyfit automatically calculate the interpolated value using up to 30th order best fit polynomials, allowing incredibly accurate curve fitting with widely varying data.

Order or Download AACode AASuperTable TodaySubstitute Algorithms for entire tables of data with VPolyFitCoef and HPolyFitCoef.  Run VSplineCoef and HSplineCoef to generate spline coefficients for a smooth curve passing through all your data points.  Use VRegressCoef and HRegressCoef to calculate the optimum curve fitting formula for smoothing of real world data.  Solve up to fifty sets of simultaneous linear equations with SimLinEqu, and include condition number analysis with SimLinEquCondNum.

AACode® SuperTable® Plug-in works on Standard and Professional versions of these Microsoft Windows platformsThese are functions not included with Microsoft Excel!  If you are wondering if our AACode SuperTable® Add-in is for you, download a free demo copy and find out for yourself.  We are happy to share our expertise with you.  Custom software and functions optimized to your exact needs are available.  If you have a Custom Programming application you would like us to look at, please contact us by e-mail.  Also, contact us by E-Mail with your questions.  We will get back to you promptly.  Additional information on our custom code capability is contained here.

Free Excel spreadsheets that demonstrate some of the possible uses of AACode SuperTable® functions and macros are shown on our Literature Download page.  These programs require the installation of the AACode SuperTable® Add-in to operate correctly.  Information on the Mathematics behind the AACode SuperTable® functions and macros is provided on our "Mathematics" page. 

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